The Best Drinking Water Solutions in Hong Kong

The Best Drinking Water Solutions in Hong Kong

Solutions for water dispensers and fountains

Life Solutions is a large-scale water machine manufacturer, distribution, and refrigeration service provider in Hong Kong, serving more than 2,000 corporate customers. Holding up their five-star service, they are proud to provide the best water filter hong kong so that their customers can continue to get clean and pH balanced hot and cold water.

Best choice

Do you want water at a certain temperature?

  • Life Solution has a multifunctional technology that can provide boiling cold water at room temperature.
  • Their WaterlogicWL7 water dispenser is ahead in tech and provides soda water.
  • Certified technology for the most advanced drinking fountains
  • Life Solutions is proud that all water supply and refrigeration contain unique and state-of-the-art technology that can help meet various uses.
  • Energy-saving technology certified by GOLD GlobalGreentag in Belgium.
  • Antibacterial protection via Bio-Cote protection device also prevents the growth of microorganisms and protects anyone who uses their wide-table water dispenser.
  • End the use of plastic bottles- Waterlogic WL7 and Waterlogic WL7 models are equipped with a bottle counter. This effectively demonstrates the number of PET bottles saved when using the Life SolutionDesktop water dispenser.
  • Leak detection. Their automatic drinking fountains also include leak detection to increase convenience. If a leak occurs, the water supply will be shut down to prevent further leakage.

Best  service

They at Life Solutions provide a wide range of water filter hong kong services for your water machine This includes

  • Consulting service
  • Installation service
  • Machine service.

Contact them today 

If you plan to buy a desktop water dispenser or have any questions about our products and technology, please feel free to contact their office in Hong Kong or Shanghai. Contact them today to learn more about providing cheaper and cleaner alternatives to bottled water for your business. They have excellent customer care service.